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  • Private Beach Tour:
    We take you through small villages in the countryside down to the wild atlantic coast of St.Lucia. 
    Enjoy the fun of a real off-road drive & discover the rugged coastal beauty of the island´s North-East.
    Have a swim in the Atlantic ocean & relax in the untouched nature of a secluded beach.
    There we will serve you a complimentary local snack & rumpunch or juice.
    A beach barbeque can be arranged for a small additional cost.

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  • Special Off-Raod Soufriere Tour for Cruise Ship Passengers
    8:30 Departure at the dock & passing through Castries , St.Lucia´s capital. Drive down south on the scenic Westcoast road passing St.Lucia´s largest banana plantation & quaint fishing villages. Then we go off-road to the rainforest where we walk to a secluded waterfall. Take a refreshing bath in the natural ´swimming pool´.
    Then we take you to the volcano where you can see the bubbling sulphur springs.
    A delicious lunch-buffet will be served at the Still Beach Resort. After lunch you have time for swimming or snorkeling.

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  • Special Soufriere Taxi Tour
    Similar to the above tour but a bit less bumpy! Travel in comfort in our minibus taxi taking the country roads instead of the OffRoad experience.
    Have a lunchtime snack at an authentic local St. Lucian bakery, see the beautiful Marigot Bay and the Pitons. You can swim if you want to.

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    Special Jeep-Tour to Soufriere

    You will be picked up in an open Landrover jeep and  then we take you right through Roseau Valley, St.Lucia´s largest Banana Plantation and through small villages in the countryside.
    When we reach the outskirts of the rainforest we drive off-road to a point where you can view Mount Gimie, ST.Lucia´s highest mountain.Take photos and eat fresh tropical fruits offered by local farmers.
    Along the way you can discover tropical rainforest vegetation like fern trees, heliconias and bromeliads.
    Join us for a 15 min. walk to a secluded waterfall in a protected nature area.
    After the walk, you will visit La Sikwi , a restored 18th. Century sugarmill .
    We then take the west coast road to Soufriere passing through quaint fishing villages.
    In Soufriere we visit the Piton Falls where you can enjoy a relaxing bath in the warm, mineral-rich water.
    A delicious lunch buffet of local dishes will be served at the `Still Beach Resort`.
    After lunch you have enough time for swimming or snorkeling. 

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Attention cruise ship passengers: 
You will be picked up directly at the dock & we bring you back in time for your last gangway!


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